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By Simon Bottle, May 28 2014 11:38AM

First - how best to protect and grow your client’s investment portfolios and provide your core proposition of top quality client service when markets and funds are likely to be unpredictable for the indefinite future?

Secondly - How can you navigate through the torrent of regulation that is just beginning to inundate the international and offshore investment world to mitigate the increasing business hazards for advisers of portfolio construction and maintenance?

Thirdly - how can you as advisers write more business from existing and new clients in an era when clients will remain nervous about making new investments? You require a solution that enables revenue growth by providing attractive upfront and trail for your commission model now that will still be acceptable to regulators in fast approaching future where MiFID II and IMD II rules will eliminate the taking of comms by advisers from individual fund selection. If alternatively you are a fee-for-service firm, you need a springboard for business growth.

A good DFM as a future proofing solution goes a long way to answering all 3 of the below existential questions for advisory firms. Please see the links to the right of this post for comprehensive answers.

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