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By Simon Bottle, May 27 2014 08:51AM

We’re a new type of company for international/offshore advisers to partner with. We target the delivery of increased revenue and business value to your firm rather than products.

Our business model is built on having a select number of clients that we have a wide and deep relationship with. We want to be immersed in your specific challenges so that we can be sure the bespoke service and solutions we provide ensure your firm makes more revenue and builds up greater business value working with us versus not. And you only pay us from additional revenue that your firm generates from the solutions we shape together, if you choose to implement them. It’s up to you.

Our website showcases some of the value themes we can deliver on. The next level of detail behind the online shop window, delivered only to our clients, are solutions that future proof your business including :

Working with you to help navigate through your current regulatory challenges and the avalanche of new rules bearing down on international IFA firms.

Providing a springboard for IFA firm growth in terms of scalability, recurring revenue generation and recruitment.

Focusing on the optimal outcome for the investor, your clients by only recommending end-to-end wealth management solutions that are of an impeccable calibre thus freeing up more of your time to focus on providing top quality client service and advice.

Additionally for our IFA clients, we provide advice on comprehensive and actionable digital/online marketing strategies you can implement to reach a wider audience of prospects.

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